Vox et amicitia semper 

The Conductor

Pieralessio Caroli

PIERALESSIO CAROLI began his piano studies at the age of 10 under the guidance of Angela Lacarbonara, graduating at the age of 21 at the "Nino Rota" Conservatory of Music in Monopoli (Ba). In 2004 he graduated with honors in Didactics of Music and in 2010 in Choral Music and Choir Conducting with honors; at the same Conservatory he recorded a CD and collaborated with different singing and instrument classes as a piano accompanist. Currently he is enrolled at 10 & ordm; year of the main course of Composition (old system) at the "Lucio Campiani" Conservatory of Mantua.

As a pianist he has participated in several competitions, ranking in the first places. For the past 18 years he has been working at the "Festival of the Valle d'Itria" in Martina Franca (Ta), his original city, as a stage master and assistant substitute teacher. He has been a jury member in Apulian music competitions, also holding the role of external President in exam commissions in the conservatories. He is also a music teacher at the secondary school and organist at the church 'Santa Maria della Carità' in Mantua.

He is currently Conductor of the Palestrina Choir in Suzzara (Mantua).